Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is here


We apologize for not having posted more of our photos and stories yet!
The last month since getting home has been busy as ever, but we
certainly haven't forgotten. We are actually organizing a slide show
to present in Silver Bay and hopefully in Duluth in the next month or so.

The first new arrivals of spring came Sunday night as Kenzi now has
five pups sired by Bodo. She is very happy with her new job being
"mom" and is doing a wonderful job. We are expecting three more
litters the second week of May, so I am anticipating many sleepless
nights ahead checking on the moms and pups frequently. This is a real
baby boom in our kennel as we have never had four litters in one year,
never mind within a couple weeks of one another! In fact, last year
we only had two pups at the kennel, so life was pretty simple.

The last few days have been really beautiful with plenty of sun. Most
of our snow is gone now and the kennel has dried up nicely. Most of
the white stuff blowing through the kennel now is fur blowing off the
shedding huskies! I always keep a comb in the pocket of my coveralls
so I can brush out several dogs every day.

Aries is doing very well, though there is no sign of neurological
function to his front left limb. I was amazed as how well he gets
along as I watched him cruise across the play yard keeping pace with
his buddies. He is certain he is very special and quite the stud now,
as he is kennelmates with Noor, an older spayed female. We truly
enjoy seeing him being as happy and playful as ever.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My first attempt at a blog.

This will be my first attempt at a blog.
We have managed to maintain the journal on our website but we are hoping to do a better job of keeping everyone up to speed with this avenue.

The north shore received two nice dumps of snow this week, totaling nearly 3 feet of new wet snow. It is quickly disappearing now and we will soon get our second dose of spring mud season. It looks like all four of the females we bred this year are carrying litters so we are expecting lots of puppies to arrive in the next month. Kenzie, Fiona, Inga and Trouble are bred. Kenzie is the first to have pups and is scheduled for April 22nd.

Last weekend we made the trip to Beaver Bay to do laundry and between the wash and dry cycle we ventured down to the shore. The waves were still rolling from the previous nights storm and the big lake showed us why the sailors who spend time on this lake have the utmost respect for its power.
We also received an invite to attend the Lake Superior Community Theatre performing "Annie". Our freind and Beargrease competitor, Ward Wallin was a performer and even had a couple solo's. We were impressed to say the least! Blake