Saturday, May 17, 2008

Puppies everywhere!!!

We have four beautiful litters of happy, healthy puppies! This is by far the most pups we have ever raised in one season, and we are looking forward to months of watching these little guys grow and learn. We have 21 little monsters, 16 girls and 5 boys. Kenzi's two boys and three girls are the oldest and will be 4-weeks-old tomorrow. They come inside and play in our cabin every day and are busy exploring the great outdoors. They are about ready for little adventures down the trail and are very playful and vocal pups!. Fiona's two boys and three girls are two weeks old tomorrow and are just peering around this great big world with their newly opened eyes. It is just amazing to watch how quickly they change. Inga's EIGHT GIRLS! are just adorable and will be one week old tomorrow. Trouble was bred while racing in the Iditarod (no, it wasn't an accident!) and gave birth to two females and one male early yesterday morning.
We are giving a slide show presentation of our Iditarod experience tomorrow at Fitgers Theater in Duluth! The event starts at 2 pm and is free and open to the public. We will have a few dogs, a sled and equipment, and lots of slides from the race to share.

Happy Spring!