Monday, October 6, 2008

Where did September go?

Wow! Time seems to be flying by. We have been running right along, working hard every day, and suddenly I realized we are already well into October.
Alice has been here nearly two months already and she has played a critical roll in getting our fall training season off to a great start. We are training three, approximately 18 dogs teams, plus working with the 20 pups. The race dogs are well ahead in training from any other season and all are progressing superbly in their training and conditioning.

We are working on developing new leaders, especially among the 2 and 2.5 year olds. They are all showing a lot of potential! It has been really fun seeing their different reactions to running in lead for the first time. The Trouble/Teddy litter (born 2006) have a natural tendency to turn around and look at us when the team in stopped rather than lining out properly. We'll be working on that! The Fiona/Trekkie litter (2006) get right to work and hardly miss a beat. They may lift their tail up a bit at first or get taken off guard when they try to dip for water out of a puddle, but overall, they are amazingly professional young dogs.

We have had a fair amount of moose activity in the area lately! Last week, the two year old team was about 7 miles from home when I knew instantly they were in pursuit of something. I called them up and let them run, just as I saw something large, dark, and hairy round the bend ahead of us. I knew it had to be either a moose or Sasquatch! We were off at speeds the team hadn’t yet run this fall, and as we topped a hill and rounded another bend, I realized I better back them off a bit because we were right on the on the heels of a big cow. I held them back and the moose picked up her pace, but we were setting some nice speeds for another mile (about 14mph) and kept it up through a clean head-on pass with Blake team. What a thrill!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall!

Happy Trails,

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Pack Welcomes Alice!

The Whole Pack would like to Welcome Alice White to the Kennel!! All the dogs are quickly bonding to Alice and she is quickly learning all their names and personalities. I was trying to get a good photo of Alice but was having a really hard time seeing her through the pile of puppies!

California Fire photos

Here are a few photos from the fires in Northern CA. We spent most of the time camped in the hills and resupplied by a pack train of mules and helicopter.

Thanks to the Midewin Interagency Hotshot crew for a great time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture Day

The puppies posed for a few photos again today!
I spend hours playing with the pups nearly everyday... time spent playing with the dogs is never wasted time! :) It can be pretty challenging since it seems all 21 want to crawl into your lap at the same time. Naturally, they then begin to fight over who gets to sit in your lap so a giant bite-n-fight game breaks out! They are so much fun.
I hope enjoy the photos of the "Next Generation" of Jedeye Siberian Huskies!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inga's Eight Little Girls!

Out on an adventure with Inga and 8 little "Flowers"

Inga/Scout 6-weeks old

Inga/Scout Puppy 6-weeks old

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lori's Summer Adventures at MCK

"Chime" a Trouble/Bodo female.  Photo by Lori Hedin!

Lori Hedin's summer vacation at Manitou Crossing Kennels! Lori has been spending this week having fun hugging puppies, scooping poop, cleaning out dog houses, exercising dogs, helping us train, and taking great photos!!  Thank you Lori!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Time Fun!


It looks like summer is here, complete with plenty of mosquitoes, flies, and ticks! It seems like the worst season we have seen here for biting insects at this point. It still isn't as bad as where we used to live in Cambridge, MN! The last couple of nights have been cool, so the mosquitoes are only bad for a couple hours in the evening. We have been able to continue running the dogs once or twice a week and let them run free in the kennel to play for awhile most days. They get quite a bit of exercise just chasing each other around the yard and playing, and it is great to keep them content, happy, and well socialized all summer. I have spent many hours the last couple of weekends brushing dogs... when Blake pulled into the yard Friday afternoon, he thought we may be having a snowstorm when he saw the cloud of fur blowing across the yard!

The pups are growing up quickly and are doing wonderfully. They are all so bright and happy and very smart pups. Puppy adventures are a lot of fun and they are learning new skills and tricks everyday. We need to sit down the choose some names for the pups. We have gotten some great suggestions, but haven't had a chance to make final decisions on most of them. Fiona's boys are Sherwood i.e."Woody" and "Doc". The girls aren't chosen for sure. We need to choose the theme for the noisy, naughty Kenzi pups! They are really awesome pups... very bright and full of courage and confidence! They master every challenge I come up with for them very quickly. (I try to think of a new challenge every day on our adventures... climbing stairs, getting into the dog boxes, jumping onto beds, running through open water...)
Fiona's pups will be named with a flower theme, but individual names are not yet decided. We still need a theme for Trouble's three pups, but they are sure to earn some good names soon. They may be the youngest of the litters, but they certainly are not the smallest!!
All the pups have learned how to sit for treats, and yes, "Willy" the cat often joins our game too! He really loves the puppies.

Have a great summer!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Puppies everywhere!!!

We have four beautiful litters of happy, healthy puppies! This is by far the most pups we have ever raised in one season, and we are looking forward to months of watching these little guys grow and learn. We have 21 little monsters, 16 girls and 5 boys. Kenzi's two boys and three girls are the oldest and will be 4-weeks-old tomorrow. They come inside and play in our cabin every day and are busy exploring the great outdoors. They are about ready for little adventures down the trail and are very playful and vocal pups!. Fiona's two boys and three girls are two weeks old tomorrow and are just peering around this great big world with their newly opened eyes. It is just amazing to watch how quickly they change. Inga's EIGHT GIRLS! are just adorable and will be one week old tomorrow. Trouble was bred while racing in the Iditarod (no, it wasn't an accident!) and gave birth to two females and one male early yesterday morning.
We are giving a slide show presentation of our Iditarod experience tomorrow at Fitgers Theater in Duluth! The event starts at 2 pm and is free and open to the public. We will have a few dogs, a sled and equipment, and lots of slides from the race to share.

Happy Spring!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is here


We apologize for not having posted more of our photos and stories yet!
The last month since getting home has been busy as ever, but we
certainly haven't forgotten. We are actually organizing a slide show
to present in Silver Bay and hopefully in Duluth in the next month or so.

The first new arrivals of spring came Sunday night as Kenzi now has
five pups sired by Bodo. She is very happy with her new job being
"mom" and is doing a wonderful job. We are expecting three more
litters the second week of May, so I am anticipating many sleepless
nights ahead checking on the moms and pups frequently. This is a real
baby boom in our kennel as we have never had four litters in one year,
never mind within a couple weeks of one another! In fact, last year
we only had two pups at the kennel, so life was pretty simple.

The last few days have been really beautiful with plenty of sun. Most
of our snow is gone now and the kennel has dried up nicely. Most of
the white stuff blowing through the kennel now is fur blowing off the
shedding huskies! I always keep a comb in the pocket of my coveralls
so I can brush out several dogs every day.

Aries is doing very well, though there is no sign of neurological
function to his front left limb. I was amazed as how well he gets
along as I watched him cruise across the play yard keeping pace with
his buddies. He is certain he is very special and quite the stud now,
as he is kennelmates with Noor, an older spayed female. We truly
enjoy seeing him being as happy and playful as ever.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My first attempt at a blog.

This will be my first attempt at a blog.
We have managed to maintain the journal on our website but we are hoping to do a better job of keeping everyone up to speed with this avenue.

The north shore received two nice dumps of snow this week, totaling nearly 3 feet of new wet snow. It is quickly disappearing now and we will soon get our second dose of spring mud season. It looks like all four of the females we bred this year are carrying litters so we are expecting lots of puppies to arrive in the next month. Kenzie, Fiona, Inga and Trouble are bred. Kenzie is the first to have pups and is scheduled for April 22nd.

Last weekend we made the trip to Beaver Bay to do laundry and between the wash and dry cycle we ventured down to the shore. The waves were still rolling from the previous nights storm and the big lake showed us why the sailors who spend time on this lake have the utmost respect for its power.
We also received an invite to attend the Lake Superior Community Theatre performing "Annie". Our freind and Beargrease competitor, Ward Wallin was a performer and even had a couple solo's. We were impressed to say the least! Blake